About This Blog

This blog was born out of Mexican beer and boredom in 2014.  At the time I was living in Playa Del Carmen and looking for an outlet. Believe me you need an outlet in nature if you are living in Playa Del Carmen. Since then I have moved multiple times, with the only real constant in my life being that I never stay one place for too long.

For some reason I decided to start blogging right when I first started bird watching. I quite literally did not even own a field guide when I began. Besides being a place to document the birds I’ve seen, my blog shows my progression from being a beginner birdwatcher. Like many people I had appreciated and enjoyed looking at birds for quite some time, but 2014 marks when I started attempting to actively identify them.  I’m proud of the fact that this blog documents my progression from passive birdwatcher to being an actual birder who is constantly trying to see new things while honing and expanding my skills. Because I publicly shared my experiences when I first began, the litany of mistakes I made will inevitably be documented too. This is particularly true in my older posts. Since life is a journey of learning, mistakes will be found in my later posts as well but hopefully less so. I really and truly welcome all corrections or help with regards to identification, I believe that it helps to improve my skill set, so please feel free to send anything you have to add my way.

Besides documenting the things I discussed above, I am very proud of the fact that this blog documents how to bird via public transit. I have not owned a car for several years and have never rented a car to bird on my own. The majority of posts that share solo birding experiences involve some form of public transportation, even if its not explicitly stated. I enjoy that my blog illustrates that not having a car is not a barrier to bird watching, and that birding without a car can be done easily in any country.